All Party Parliamentary Biodiesel Group

Carbon monoxide poisoning

You are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if:

■ your appliance was poorly installed;
■ your appliance is not working properly;
■ your appliance has not been checked for safety or maintained regularly;
■ there is not enough fresh air in the room;
■Heating accessories by trade radiators
■your chimney or flue gets blocked up;
■you allow an engineer who is not on the Gas Safe Register to install or maintain your appliance(s).
There is a particular risk if you sleep in a room where an appliance that is not of the room-sealed type (eg a conventional gas fire) is left burning at night. (Flue outlets for room-sealed appliances are commonly located on an external wall at a low level protected by a cage rather than at or above roof level.)

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Key Facts

With oil prices forever uncertain, consider switching to alternative fuels. See the alternatives - and decide for yourself how practical they could be.


The Group provided a forum for Parliamentarians, gas industry representatives and other key stakeholders to discuss issues affecting the gas industry and consumers.

Example Recommmendations

The All Party Parliamentary Biodiesel Group or APPGSG recommends that all boilers are serviced at least annually, by registered biodiesel Safety engineer, with audible carbon monoxide alarms installed where appropriate


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